Dr. Raimund Lösch-Schloms

After studying mechanical engineering and writing his doctoral thesis at the RWTH Aachen, Dr. Raimund Lösch-Schloms started his industrial career in 1995 at Siemens in the field of gas turbines. In 1998 he moved to GHH Borsing as a project manager. Due to a successful product standardization project he was given the commitment of managing the engineering department. From 2001 to 2008 he was appointed to the head of the business unit with the highest sales keeping full responsibility for sales, project management and site coordination. Focus regions were Asia and Europe. A special feature of his profile is the strength in the field of strategy and corporate development. Because of this he was promoted to lead the line "Group Strategy & Group Development", especially during the merger of MAN Diesel and MAN Turbo in 2010, the global regional management and its embedding into headquarters as well as the in-house consulting and knowledge management. The continuous reference to technological topics document the skillful handling of taking responsibility in terms of material technology, coordination of research, development&investment resources as well as funding acquisition. This extensive experiences are the basis for today's know-how, inter cultural understanding and many personal contacts. The desire to consistently implement own ideas, was the ultimate trigger to start his own company. Email Contact