Code of Conduct


Responsible and sustainable practices are the basis for the business of 4 Values GmbH. This Code of Conduct expresses the high standards to which we are committed in the interests of our business partners, employees and society.

§1 Scope

The Code of Conduct represents the binding basis for all business practices of 4 Values managers and employees.

§2 Discrimination and Respect

We treat all employees, customer and business partner equally regardless of nationality or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. We are strongly opposed to any kind of discrimination.

§3 Professionalism

We practice our profession responsibly and conscientiously. We only accept orders if we have the required skills, expertise and the necessary resources for executing the order.

We inform our customers about all activities and measures relevant for cooperation.

§4 Conflict of Interests

We perform our services impartially and objectively.

The consultation of customers in the same matter but in conflicting interests will only be conducted in agreement with our customers.

§5 Remuneration

For our services we charge fees that are in an appropriate relation to the performance or results and which have been agreed upon with the customer before execution of our services.

§6 Confidentiality

We are committed to secrecy regarding company internal information of our customers. This obligation does not include facts that are obvious or well known or whose significance does not require secrecy. Nor does it apply, so far as they must be disclosed in a public trial or enforcement or defense of claims from the contractual relationship.

Other third parties (for example, cooperation partners) who are involved in any activity, are equally bound to secrecy.

§7 Data Privacy

The rules of data protection laws of the federal and state governments are respected. We ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to internal documents and confidential results of our clients before, during or after completion of the contract.

§8 Law-Abidance and Integrity

All employees of 4 Values and external cooperation partners have to follow and respect the applicable laws, internal guidelines and regulations:

  • We stand for the highest level of integrity in all of our business activities and relations. Any form of corruption, bribery, extortion and misappropriation are strictly prohibited.
  • Gifts and other benefits, such as business meals may be accepted or granted only within the framework of generally accepted business practices.
  • We are committed to the principles of market economy and free competition. Applicable antitrust and trade laws are respected as well as laws on price-fixing, competition law and consumer protection.
  • We provide donations only for charitable purposes. We do not grant any donations to political organizations.

“We always make sure that our business practices will withstand a critical view of the public.”

11th July, 2016             Dr. Raimund Lösch-Schloms             Peter Siemons